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What’s Hot And What’s Not
It’s no surprise that (make bold and italicized) computer science, engineering and various medical roles are all in high demand. See what else is expected to grow (including HR by the way, at a healthy 21%). Here are the 10 best rated jobs and then the forecasted fastest growing occupations as well as the fastest growing careers through 2010. If you’re in an industry that’s fading, crowded, or competitive give yourself some career room, apply the Blue Ocean Strategy to your career.

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It’s All About Landing The Interview
To get the job of your dreams you need to have an interview at some point. To have an interview, even if it’s through networking, you need to have a resume. Just because you aren’t in a full fledge job search doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an winning resume.

“Best Practice #1 is to be ready for the opportunity. Always, always, be ready for your next opportunity and always have an update resume and/or portfolio (for those of you in the marketing world)”, Dawn Cerrato, Synergy Management Associates.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Tell your next employer what you did to add value to the companies you’ve worked for - i.e. what were your results, what did you achieve, why did it matter?

2. Solve Someone’s Problem - Every company has problems and if they are seeking to fill a role they want the right person to solve those particular problems so specify what you’ve done to solve problems in the way you describe your accomplishments.

3. Customize, Customize and Customize - Match your skills, knowledge and capabilities to your potential employers needs.

4. Write your branding statement at the top of the resume. Who are you, what do you bring to the organization, why should they be dying to meet you? Don’t take my word for it just take a look at what The Ladders has to say!

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I Have My Dream Career!
“I have my dream career “ (and I do by the way!) , are 5 little words that I love to hear from our clients and colleagues. There are more folks out there who have found their perfect career than you might think and in the next few months we’ll be featuring key stories of individuals from around the states. They have the career of their dreams, love what they do and are happy to share how they did it.

If you or someone you know has achieved their career dreams we’d love to feature you and your story. Our goal is to help everyone gain a rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable career and we know there’s a perfect career out there for everyone!

Send dawn@synergycma.com your your story or contact me directly at 603.661.8107.

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